Placed DateJun 16 2007
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Found By Apeman691970
Last Found Aug 20 2009
Hike Distance?

Pulled for maint 4-19-10 be back soon!!

*** Updated September 7th, 2008 ***

This box is located on the Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail in Meriden. You can start from either end the box is basically in the middle.

Very Easy.

Go to the remains of the old dam.
Locate a reflective trail marker on the opposite side of the trail from the dam. Then look up the hill for a large evergreen with a smaller sister trunk. Look in the back of this tree at its base. PLEASE rehide this box IN THE BACK of the tree, this tree is big enough to sheild you from others as you stamp in. It is also a nice halfway rest place!

I have Re-Done this box on September 7th, 2008. I added 24 more pages to the log book, I left the original images in the book so others may see them, after all thats half the fun! I also scanned all the pages into a "Virtual" log book if anyone is interested.

There is a NEW first finder bonus in this box placed 9-7-08

And be sure to read the 2nd page in the logbook.

This was my first plant and has done well since 6-16-07 thanks to you all. So please keep dropping me emails with any suggestions or complaints. Also this is a handcarved stamp with black ink, or you can always bring your own. Also there is no pen or anything in the box.

Don't forget to check out the other great boxes in the area, it's beautiful place, enjoy it. And please rehide as good or better.