To Linz with Love  LbNA # 31920

OwnerRats and Turtle    
Placed DateJun 8 2007
CountyOther International
LocationLinz, Austria, INT
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One of our sons began studying dance at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in 2005. His brother joined him in Linz in 2006 to spend a year teaching English. Both boys have complained that guide books imply that Linz is a rather dirty, industrial city with little to offer. They really like the city. Linz has a lot in common with our home city of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Both are small cities—Manchester has about 110,000 people. Both are historically industrial cities trying to preserve the best of their pasts while moving into new futures.

When we visited the boys, there were no letterboxes listed in Austria on So we carved a stamp of the Manchester Historical Society logo to hide in Linz. When we first got to the city, we decided we would hide it on the way up to Pöstlingberg. But the sons suggested that people would go up there anyway and they wanted to hide it somewhere else that visitors might not see if they were not looking for a box. So they took us to a favorite spot to picnic, to withdraw and reflect, to enjoy views of the city and the countryside. When we were there in early June, ripe, yummy cherries hung over the path!

So here is how to find “To Linz with Love”. Get to the intersection of Leonfeldnerstrasse and Gründbergstrasse. TheStrassebahn (trolley) stops there. Cross Leonfeldnerstrasse. and take Gründbergstrasse. The first right off Gründbergstrasse is Kampmüllerweg. Take this and follow it to the end. Kampmüllerweg ends in a field part way up a hill. Go to the top of the hill (the views of the city, the countryside and Pöstlingberg are amazing!). From the top of the hill, face Pöstlingberg and look down the hill. If you have a compass, take a reading of 270 to locate the clump of trees where the box is hidden. If you do not have a compass, look toward Pöstlingberg, then count clumps of trees from left to right. The box is hidden in the third clump of trees. When you get to that clump, there is a double-trunked oak tree, there is another oak nearer to the fence. To the right of these is a cherry tree and to the right of that is a bush with many trunks. To Linz with Love is nestled in the base of the bush in a little “house” of stones and wood. Please put it back carefully and check to make sure it cannot be easily seen even in the winter when there are no leaves on the bush. And let us know how you like the box and Linz!