Flying Dutchmen  LbNA # 31903 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 9 2007
LocationKemah, TX
Planted By4anglers    
Found By baileys bunch
Last Found Jan 29 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 3 2015

I believe this box is missing. I will replace it when I get a chance and change the clues. Thanks - Tejas Angel

Placed by: Tejas Angel(4Anglers)

Of all the places to make a Letterbox on the Kemah Boardwalk, for us would have to be the Flying Dutchman. The FD is the oldest and, to us, the best seafood restaurant on the Kemah Boardwalk. It was built in 1981 and has survived through some hurricanes and a few major storms. Our family has been going to the FD for 20+ years for many celebrations and dozens of birthdays. Of course, we just go on regular days, too. The atmosphere is laid back and prices have always been reasonable. So if you decide to go find this microbox, stop in and eat. I recommend the sampler platter. It will feed about four and you will still go home with leftovers. And if you ever want to exchange stamps with us, you can meet us there every Christmas Eve; it's our family tradition. We will be the largest and probably the loudest family by the windows. By the way, I did witness a Texas miracle there once -- it snowed! Seeing the Boardwalk covered in snow was an awesome sight!

Directions: Go to Kemah Boardwalk

Clues: Find the land-side entrance to the Flying Dutchman. Once at the door, take a right. To your left will be the elevator to the upstairs. In front of the elevator are two large concrete columns. One of columns has a GTE cable router pole next to it. To the right about three feet away from this pole (2 feet back) is a multi-limb tree (there is a blue spot light next to this tree). The micro-LB is in the center base of this tree in a small camo film canister. There are benches right there to use depending on how busy the area is, though. Be discreet, reseal and re-hide. Happy Hunting!