Bibliophile  LbNA # 31858

Placed DateJun 5 2007
LocationPenland, NC
Planted Bybugeero    
Found By Delaware Hiker
Last Found Jun 12 2008
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Penland is an arts and crafts school located in western North Carolina. This school is a hub of amazing artists and crafspeople from all over the world. The campus is home to several buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Buildings and these letterbox clues reference a few of them.
Letterbox with respect and caution. This is a magical artists community. If at all possible, check in with the main office in the Lily Loom House to gain permission to be on the campus.

To find Bibliophile:

Enter the Penland Campus at the main entrance where the big "PenlandP sign is.

Edward is a fine man, but pass him on the left.
Lily was a great soul, but pass her as well.

At the small historic building with two names, you'll head towards the sunset.

You'll then pass between mud and ink.

Further along, you'll see a building on the left named for trees.

Head North and you'll find an artist that wanted to tell you the time of day, put yourself in his hands.

Answer this; What time is the showdown on Main Street in the old Westerns?

In front of you is the light at the top of the world.

Between the light at the top of the world and where things are pulped and sewn, there is a staircase.

At the highest point beneath the stairs, you'll find Bibliophile. Be carefull, this is a dark little nook and there may be spiders and spiderwebs---letterbox with caution! Also, this is a busy campus with many artistic people everywhere. Letterbox discreetly. Stamp your stamp, and re-hide Bibliophile where you found it.

Bibliophile was placed by an Alaskan letterboxer who traveled all the way to NC to attend a great class at Penland in the summer of 2007.