The Tail of Two Tails –Comet Hale-Bopp  LbNA # 31566

Placed DateMay 29 2007
LocationNorris, TN
Planted ByMoon and Sun    
Found By scouttrekkie
Last Found Oct 20 2010
Hike Distance?

The Lenoir Museum is approximately 5 mi. off of I-75, Ex. 122 (Norris/Clinton Ex.), located on Hwy. 441. Its exhibits display thousands of items of early settlement and everyday life in East Tennessee, a German Barrel Organ and Native American artifacts. Pull in to the drive, north of the Lenoir Museum. You will see a sign that says “Grist Mill” and “Threshing Barn”. Park near the Grist Mill.

If the Mill is open, go in and climb the stairs to its second floor. Exit the Mill from its second floor door. If the mill is closed, climb it’s exterior stairs. See the sluice, head toward it. No water flows through it now, but it used to flow along the high the path that runs east above the Clear Creek. You will begin by moving east where the water used to flow. Pass to the right of the sluice. The large rock is loose, so watch your step.

Left – a steep drop to the creek
Right—the water channel and a hill of rock and ferns.

Soon you pass a trail that leads down the to creek. Don’t take it. Stay up.

Move forward. See where the tree has been tattooed with “Hobby” and “DP” then another with “LD” and “MM”. Hear the brook babbling below.

On the right, you will pass someone’s underground lair topped by a square stone at the base of a tree. Keep going.

When the path narrows, watch out for rocks and roots.

Eventually you will come to twelve steps leading down to a ledge on your left. Go down them. Move carefully forward on the ledge noting the rock wall to your right and the steep drop to your left. See the twins on your left. They help hold up the ledge. Walk to the twin closest to the path and turn to face the right rock wall. Look below the mossy sapling support and under some small rocks and brush. There you’ll find why Hale-Bopp had two tails.

Do not move the sapling support and be very careful not to fall off the ledge. You may hear the strains of a Country Music Instrument if you keep exploring the park.

There is a bathroom in the Museum and a place for members of your party who do not letterbox to relax.

Special thanks to M. LaBranche and Co. and Goldfinch and Co. for helping with the trail and to Lighting the Way for carving from rubber what nature makes from ice and dust.