Just Ducky in Dormont  LbNA # 31517

Placed DateJun 2 2007
LocationDormont, PA
Planted Bykatz    
Found By PinkCat
Last Found Oct 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Begin at the castle in Dormont Park. Go straight up the steep hill, until you are approaching the fenced pavillion.

Before you reach the fenced pavillion, look to your right to find a white gas pipeline pole that is white on the bottom, but topped with the rubber ducky color. Go to the pole.

Standing with your back to the castle, the fenced pavillion on your left, and the Dormont pool down the hill to your right, look straight ahead until you see another white gas pipeline pole topped with the rubber ducky color. Walk to that pole, without following either of the paved paths in front of you. Just cut straight across the grass.

At the second pole, look straight ahead in the same direction you have been walking, and you will see a third white gas pipeline pole topped with the rubber ducky color. Walk to that pole.

At the third pole, turn around and walk back the way you came for 20 to 25 steps. To your right there will be a little trail headed up the hill to another grassy glade. Go up the trail and stop at the old telephone pole at the top.

With your back to the telephone pole, walk 25 to 30 steps in the direction of the fenced pavillion. To your left will be a huge old tree that forks up above your head. It is the biggest tree in this stand of woods. At the base of that tree, under a suspicious pile of branches and bark, you will find what you seek.

This box was planted by a girl scout troop, and we have included a special prize for the first finder. Please be kind to our box, and hide it well before you leave. Also, we would be grateful for emails from finders to tell us what you thought of our clues, and what you thought of our box, so we can make our future boxes better. Thanks!!