Rocky's Surprise  LbNA # 31433 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2007
LocationFlorence, SC
Planted ByK-6 Family    
Found By Woody clowns
Last Found Sep 25 2007
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Rocky's Surprise
Your adventure will begin at a park that goes by many names, but we think that the official name is Jebaily park. This park is located off Westmoreland behind a white brick house with a white brick fence. Find the intersection of Third Loop Rd. and Marsh Avenue. Turn onto Marsh. Take an immediate left onto Westmoreland. Continue on Westmoreland passing over Sandhurst until you see the white brick house. The entrance to the park is right before you reach the house. Hope you enjoy the hunt!

Rocky went on an adventure,
Leaving a little surprise behind.
Follow the rhyme carefully,
and this surprise you will find.

After parking you will notice a ball field.
You could always run some bases.
But if the surprise you want to find,
You will need to start walking paces.

Follow the trail to the right of the field.
Slow or Fast? Really, it doesn't matter.
Just keep walking until you arrive,
At a place where tennis players chatter.

A green enclosure you will see,
Behind the courts, walk to get close.
Place yourself between the two trees,
Aligned with the back left post.

Stare straight ahead, behind the courts,
A slightly hollow tree you will see.
Congrats, Rocky's surprise is fifteen paces ahead,
Nestled up inside the tree.

Now once you've found Rocky's Surprise place your stamp carefully in our notebook, don't forget to write us a note!
Place our stamp inside your notebook, then place the letter box exactly where it was before, cover it up well though before you leave!
Email us about the condition of the box if you can!