Ultimate 4-H & Clover Kids  LbNA # 31428 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 20 2007
CountyPalo Pinto
LocationMineral Wells, TX
Planted ByTracy and Gil    
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found Mar 30 2014
Hike Distance?

Hello! My kids are members of a great group of 4H-ers that wanted to plant a letterbox on one of our combined family camping trips. This stamp was carved by one of our 4H moms and planted by almost all the members of our group.

You'll need a boat. Or incredibly strong swimming skills! (Kidding - please do not attempt to swim to this box!) I suggest bug spray as well - we came home with a couple of "visitors". Park at the main boat dock near the only beach area. Look out over the lake and locate the small "island" off towards the spillway. That's your destination! Start paddling! Once you arrive at the island, moor your boat and locate the stone, manmade sitting area on the northeast side of the island. There are several sitting areas but as long as you find the northeast side of the island, you'll be fine. Follow the foot trail while facing the beach. Start looking for a large mature tree on the left of you with a single trunk that splits into three large equal sized "branches" right at the ground level. Now locate the small size evergreen bush immediatly east of it. There in the scrubbly, prickly evergreen is the box!

Please rehide well and let us know you found it! The 4-H Kids will be so excited! Have fun finding the other 2 boxes located within this state park.