New Beginning/Years Gone By  LbNA # 31287

Placed DateMay 26 2007
LocationPilot Knob, NY
Planted ByBorder Collie    
Found By Squatchis
Last Found Jun 22 2017
Hike Distance?

Estimated Time 2 hr (To letterboxes, 3-6 hrs to top)
Clues: Moderate very straightforward.
Terrain: Trail is well marked, a couple of steep sections, but not too bad.
You will have a 2000 foot gain in elevation over 3.3 miles.

To reach the Buck Mountain trailhead from Pilot Knob, drive 4.9 mi. N on NY 9L from its intersection with NY 149. Turn R at sign for Kattskill Bay and Pilot Knob and drive 3.5 miles down it to the trailhead for Buck Mountain on the R.

New Beginning Letterbox

After you sign in at the trailhead registry head down the trail, which is, marked with yellow trail markers. When you come to the first intersection with Inman Pond and the lower Hogtown Parking lot. Walk to the sign and walk up the blue marked trail 22 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) on a bearing of 138 degrees. You will see the larger stream on your right and a slightly used road intersection. From there go 218 degrees 16 paces to a large rock on the left. Then you will go on a bearing of 158 deg 16 paces to a 10”yellow birch tree along a very seasonal stream, it really is more of a drainage area. From there go 210 deg 22 paces to a multi-trunk birch tree with a hollow bottom. Look in the hollow, put a sick in first to scare away any squirrels. That is where you will find the first box.

Years Gone by Box

Now return to the intersection of the blue and yellow trail and head up the yellow trail toward the summit of Buck Mt. You will cross the stream again and go uphill; you will pass a giant rock on the L that looks like a perfect cube. You will pass a rock wall and you will continue until you reach the next trail intersection with the Buck Mt trail and the Buttermilk Falls trail. The state sign will say “Summit 2.1 mi; Lower Hogtown 2.8 mi; Inman Pond 2.9 mi.” While facing the sign look to your left to a large broken boulder. Walk around the back (away from the trail) and look to your right of the boulder and you will see under sticks and stones in a cozy nook Box no. 2.

Please continue up to the Buck Mt Summit

****Note: This one it is very important to re-ride well and to be careful as this trail is well traveled on busy weekends. Also, please take the extra step and walk back around and make sure you cannot see the box--- you will know what I mean when you see it. I plan when I go back up to close the trailside off a little. This weekend the trail got too busy for me to finish.******************