Levee Voyage  LbNA # 31115 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 23 2007
LocationPortage, WI
Planted ByLevee Trail    
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Hike Distance?

1)Start at hwy 33, also known as Cook street.
2)adjacent from St.Mary's school, go to MacFarland, your journey shall begin here.
3)Park your car anywhere around MacFarland st. and Edgewater.
4)You'll start along the beginning of the Levee trail.
5)Enjoy the scenic beauty as you walk parallel to the sandbars of the levee trail.
6)You will come top the first fork in the road, if you take the right path (the most common path) you'll find yourself enjoying the scenic beauty. The left path will bring you by the frog's lair and further on into the canal.
7)After you're done exploring the frog's lair you may go onto the next fork in the road and continue your voyage. Do Not be fooled by the tan path than leads to the depths of the river.
8)Find your way down the first set of stairs, The Riverside park shall meet you there.
9)Riverside park is a great place to rest, come here and seek shelter from the sun, snow and rain.
10)FInd the hearth surrounded by stone, two columns to the left you'll find the box in its home.