Elderton Trail  LbNA # 31044

Placed DateMay 17 2007
LocationElderton, PA
Planted ByElderton Trail    
Found By Yellow Butterfly9
Last Found Aug 2 2009
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Elderton is located on the tract called "Wheatfield" originally owned by Sarah Elder. Sarah Elder lived in Hunting Co. in the 1770's she was captured by the Indians and taken to Canada were she was held for over two years and made the wife of an Indian chief. An English officer arranged for her release and return to PA.

In 1822 the town was called New Middletown and in 1824 changed to Elderton. Elderton is located along route 422 between Indiana and Kittanning.

Coming fron Indiana turn right onto South Main at A&G Auto Pats. Going down South Main Street at one time there was a blacksmith's shop, wagon maker, a dry goods store, doctor's office, harness shop and a drug store. There is still some brick homes which were built with bricks made nearby.

Coming from Kittanning turn left at North Main Street, across from Gone For A Day. At one time on North Main Street there was a foundry where plows points and hitching posts where made, the first house which was a log house and tavern, a small department store, bank, another store and a Hotel and tavern.

At the stop sign turn onto East Saltworks. East Saltworks also had a foundry, shoemaker and a tin shop.

Turn right at Elderton Plumcreek area Park sign turn left go past ballfield and park at paviloin. take the Olive and Duane Flickinger Nature Trail. Go down the stairs turn right, go past bolder and red bench in the woods go across the bridge. Go straight at Y,then go left at tree with orange ribbon on it some of the trees have orange sprayed on them. Go to outdoor class room with wooden benches. Standing at the podium go northwest 10 yards there you will find the box.

Junior Girl Scout Troop #36 hope you enjoy you hunt.