Placed DateMay 15 2007
LocationMarshall, MI
Found By The Mystery Gang
Last Found Oct 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Start at the corner of N DRIVE N and 15 MILE RD

Please bring a stamp pad and pen Thankyou!

Take 15 Mile Road to the north of Turkeyville,
pass Convis Township Hall and farther still.
Along this road your destination is clear,
watch carefully now or you'll miss it I fear.

Trees standing guard and a placard on rock,
fenced in land for the cemetery stock.
Monuments and tombstones marked with a date,
the ending of life is everyone's fate.

The entrance continues up and around,
behind a small building where your start can be found.
Stand at the north window so the road you can see,
read your compass for the 330 degree.

Check out the old stones of the very long dead,
heading the direction your compass has said.
walk as if searching for a long lost love,
now look with your eyes toward Heaven above.

Be careful of cars passing you by,
questioning your visit for who and why.
Replace after stamping when finished and then,
start up your car and be gone again.