Face the Music ***MISSING***  LbNA # 30898 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 13 2007
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationKitchener, ONT
Planted Bythe Sehl gang    
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Highlighting the charm of some local architecture:
Go to Hibner Park. Stand on the sidewalk facing DANIEL. Walk to the right and cross a 'new' street.
At 58: 2 x windows on the third floor
At 54: stained glass faux porch window
At 38: amazing carriage house
At 22 & 18: two cute houses joined by the garage
At 13: stained glass & working shutters
At 12: stained glass
At the end of the street, cross the busy street & turn in the direction away from the phone booth & Lyon sign. Walk past the 100; when you get to an interesting path of 14 irregular shaped-stones through the grass towards the hats & monument. Assuming you are at 6:00, take the dirt path at 9:00 toward the 'middle in the quad' & interesting metal sculptures. At the backside of this building, there are 3 3D rusted shapes in a pile. Beside are 2 spruce. Go seek in the fuller of the two--about 6'off ground against the trunk.
(walk bak to the car via 'peggy ave'. The vacant lots you pass were all beautiful Victorian homes when I was in high school. The developer ran out of money & project never started--only demolition. Turn left onto 'a duck's avenue' to bring you back to Hibner...enjoy more charming homes along the way).