Sneaky Snake's Lair  LbNA # 30857

Placed DateMay 12 2007
LocationYorktown, NY
Planted ByTroop1439    
Found By a knitwit
Last Found Oct 1 2013
Hike Distance?

This box can be found along the white trail on the way up Turkey Mountain in Yorktown. You will find the entrance to the Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve on Rt 118, about two miles south of the Triangle Shopping area, intersection with Rt 35. The entrance to Turkey Mountain is directly opposite the sign for Peter Pratts Inn.

Snake had been this way before. He knew every nook and cranny of this mountain. He had visited "No Bells in this Tower", "The Trail of the Tired Raccoon", "the Midnight Owl", and "Mouse's Mountain Shelter". This mountain was his home.

On this particular day, Snake was headed to the top on the white trail. He knew he was about two thirds of the way to the top when he saw the split rock. This four foot rock on the left of the trail has a vertical split right down the center of it. To the right of this rock, just off the trail, there is a rocky outcropping, the perfect place for travellers like himself to rest. He decided to turn off the trail at the split rock. He took a right and slithered along the ground (about 16 paces) until he rested on a rock the shape of a giant's foot beside a fallen log. He slithered under this rock for a rest. He may be there still.