Grandma Lita  LbNA # 30831 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 11 2007
CountySan Mateo
LocationPacifica, CA
Planted ByMama and the Chicks    
Found By Dirty Girl
Last Found Dec 29 2007
Hike Distance?

***retired due to water damage***

Walking Access: An easy stroll
Wheelchair Access: Suitable for wheelchairs, except for the last five feet which are very steep and require some agility.
Drive-By Access: Park at the statue, use the crosswalk near the statue, and figure it out from there.
Hand-carved stamp: yes
Last checked by Mama and the Chicks: July 8, 2007

This letterbox was placed in honor of our Grandma Lita on a beach where she loved to take walks. It was planted on the day of her funeral. You can read more about our grandma in the letterbox. A little trowel or sand shovel will be helpful in your search.

The Pretty Sea Beach is usually nice and windy, a great place to fly kites and watch the surfers. You can bring a lunch and make a day of it. Or you can eat at the Taco Bell on the beach; our Grandma loved to eat there. Have a taco in her memory, and think of her frying 48 tacos for her eight children on Saturday nights (Saturday was always Mexican dinner).

Find the statue of a famous Spanish explorer. It is at the intersection of the street where our grandma lived and a highway named for an explorer from Portugal. Read the plaque on the statue and note the date of discovery. Now go across the street to the parking lot of a beach which, in the language of the first explorer, is the Pretty Sea Beach. On the north side of the parking lot you will find a paved walking path. Walk along this path until you are directly across from the explorerís statue. Begin counting 150 paces as you continue north. You will come to a clump of cypress trees numbering the same as the day of the explorerís discovery. Look for a telephone pole at the left side of the trees. Itís down a small gravel bank and over some tree branches, so watch your step. We did it in our church dresses, high heels and suits! At the base of the telephone pole, on the side toward the sea, is a big rock. Lift the rock and dig an inch or two down into the sand to find the letterbox.

This is a fairly public location, so please post a lookout on the walking path and try to be sly. Please replace this letterbox carefully so it cannot be seen accidentally from the walking path.

In addition to your stamp, please sign your trail name, city and the date in our notebook. Also, there is a pink ink pad in the box. Please use it only for Grandmaís memorial stamp so the pink color stays nice.

This was our first letterbox plant and was a joint effort of cousins from California and Virginia: Cheer Girl, Game Over, Ladybug Hiker and Science Queen. Please e-mail us and let us know how you liked it.