Mouse's Mountain Shelter  LbNA # 30716

Placed DateMay 12 2007
LocationYorktown, NY
Planted ByBrewster Bandits    
Found By The Sparkill Trio
Last Found Dec 5 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is hidden at the top of Turkey Mountain in Yorktown. You will find the entrance to Turkey Mountain Nature Preserve on Rt 118, across from Peter Pratts Inn, about 2 miles south of the triangle shopping area. You can hike the white or blue trail to the top. They lead you in the same direction: up.

Mouse followed the white trail to the very top of Turkey Mountain. She had a snack on one of the concrete blocks and craned her little neck as far as she could. She saw the Hudson River, the Croton Reservoir, the Maryknoll Tower, and the New Yok City skyline. At the white X at the end of the trail on the very top of the mountain, Mouse did a happy dance. But she was worn out. It was windy up here and she needed a rest. She stood on that X and looked directly toward the NYC skyline (on a hazy day, this is also toward the Maryknoll Tower and about 30 degrees to the right of the white trail, headed down). She stretched her arms out to her sides and looked toward where her right arm pointed. She saw a perfect spot to rest before her hike down the mountain. She walked 1000 mouse steps (that's 30 human paces) down hill towards where her right arm had pointed her. She found shelter under a rock to the left of a lone birch tree. Be careful finding the box: she may be napping.