Sheridan Shoots The Spy  LbNA # 30678

OwnerFish's Card Room    
Placed DateMay 6 2007
LocationSunfield, MI
Found By spartanfans
Last Found Sep 4 2011
Hike Distance?

This box is in an open public area. Please be discreet when retrieving it so it won't become discovered by non-letterboxers.

Your starting point for the “Fish’s Card Room Green Box” is on Main Street in Sunfield, Michigan facing West in front of “The Big Store In The Little Town”. On the door of this establishment you will need to add together all of the “9’s” that appear in the hours of operation. Then you need to do the same with all of the “5’s”. After you add up all of the 5’s, you subtract that number from the total of the 9’s. Remember this final total for later reference.

What’s that I hear? It sounds like gunshots in the distance---cannon fire---and bugles. A battle is raging close by. A courier has just sent word that Rebel forces are attacking from the North! You must get word to General Sheridan at GAR Headquarters at once!

Head for the sunset and look for the artillery batteries. Find Sheridan’s gun and take heed where it’s pointing. BOOM! A volley is fired toward the Rebel forces. Reports claim that it was a direct hit on the Rebel intelligence command center.

Your assignment is to carefully traverse the prescribed numbered of steps, (determined from your math problem earlier), find the tomb of the spy, and record the secret contents found there. Be discreet in your mission, lest you be captured.