Phantom Trail  LbNA # 30574

Placed DateMay 2 2007
CountyLos Angeles
LocationAgoura, CA
Planted ByThrow a rock at it!    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Oct 8 2010
Hike Distance?

Trail entrance is on Mulholland Dr. West of Las Virgines and East of Cornell. There is a sign marked "Phantom Trail" on the hillside. Go to what appears to be the top of the trail, make a left and take the stairs even higher. Once at the top, you'll see a fork up ahead. Follow it to the left. Over another rise the trail is blocked off by a row of stones. Follow it down to where the trail becomes covered by trees. Once it's uncovered again you come to a steep hill. Climb it and slide down the backside. There are two arrows, follow them and you'll see two more arrows. Follow those as well. Take the stairs down and continue down for quite a while. At the bottom of the trail on your left you will pass a large mangled rusty object. Pass it. Enter the dip in the road, walk up the dry creek bed until you are directly across from the metal that you passed. At the bottom of the multi-trunked bush, under a chunk of pottery and a rock you'll find the plastic box. Please re-hide it when your done. Watch out for tons of poison oak on the way. Its about three miles from the entrance to the box.