Cinci Freedom  LbNA # 30529

Placed DateApr 29 2007
LocationCincinnati, OH
Planted ByCraw&Joey    
Found By JJM
Last Found Jun 14 2012
Hike Distance?

As former residents of the Queen City, a few years back we were gripped by a story that grabbed national headlines and kept Cincinnati residents breathless for 11 days. Yes, we are talking about Cinci Freedom, the cow that escaped its pen and certain death to close down an interstate for a few hours and evade the best efforts of Cincinnati's police, firefighters and animal wranglers for well over a week. To commemorate this historic dash to freedom, we decided on a recent trip back to Cincinnati to place a letterbox dedicated to the brave bovine.

To begin go to the park where the search was centered and near where Cinci Freedom was finally captured. From the parking lot walk through the structure with a covered picnic area and restrooms. You will find a disc commemerating the Coast and Geodectic Survey of 1947. Stand on it and take a compass reading of 215 degrees. On this heading down the hill you will see a large tree that is surronded by scrub bushes and small trees. Walk down to the tree and you will notice on the back side a path through the scrub around the big tree and another large patch of scrub. When you are directly behind the tree, turn to face it and you will see a large bush/small tree that is bunched at the bottom with a large number of branches that creates a nice holding place for the letterbox. It is covered with sticks and debris.

To read the full story of Cinci Freedom and find out the fate of this courageous cow, go to