Solomon's Box  LbNA # 30512

Placed DateMay 1 2007
LocationGreenville, SC
Planted ByThreeBoxers    
Found By 5 IS ALIVE
Last Found Jul 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Hello, my name is Solomon
A big, loveable boxer I am;

My mom made a stamp of me
because I'm such a handsome cutie!

Mom says I deserve to be pampered in style
so here's where I go everyone once in a while.

This is where I go to get my nails clipped
sometimes I have to stay all day and get groomed & snipped.

To find my handsome face on a stamp
it won't be too far from the 276 Old Buncome Rd. exit ramp.

Once you get there, stand to the left of the sign facing the road,
Then turn to your left and walk 40 steps to the wooden cat abode.
That's where you'll find me!