Howland Public Library  LbNA # 30482

OwnerRabbit's Relations    
Placed DateApr 27 2007
LocationBeacon, NY
Found By Millwood2
Last Found Oct 10 2015
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Last EditedOct 10 2015

Howland Public Library is located right in the middle of Beacon's historic Main Street. It is nestled among galleries, antique and gift shops, businesses, and unique restaurants. Howland Public Library, founded by General Joseph Howland, first opened to the public on August 5, 1872 in a beautiful building of Norwegian style architecture which is now the Howland Cultural Center. Approximately 1000 volumes had been purchased and 555 books donated. Over 100 years later and busting at the seams, the library was moved to 313 Main St. where it remains currently. There are now close to 50,000 holdings (including books, periodicals, movies, audio books and music CDs).

Clues for Howland Public Library’s Letterbox:
Clue #1:
Look for the street address number on the outside of Howland Public Library on Main Street in Beacon, NY. Multiply that number by 3 and add 35.733.

Clue #2:
Go to the green Non-Fiction shelves in the back of the main room. Using the number from clue #1, find a thin, gold book with that number on the spine label and the letters “Bea” underneath them. Count to page 8, look for the library’s history, and find the name of the person listed first as “trustees for the first year.”

Clue #3:
Find where the bust of that person is located in the library. Find the year that he was born and add 11 to that number.

Clue # 4:
Go to the clay mural and find the name of the man associated with that number.

Clue #5:
Go to a computer (if you don’t have a Mid-Hudson Library Card, ask the front desk clerk to make one for you if you live within the Mid-Hudson Library System or you may get a temporary pass to use the computer so that you can find our letterbox), and Google the man’s name from Clue # 4 in quotes and “Beacon, NY”. Found out what his job was (he made these beautiful) and go to the books in that area of the Reference Room. (Look up the word on the card catalog computer to find the Dewey # if you can’t find it) You will find the Howland Public Library Letterbox on that shelf.

Good Luck!
(Clue written by Ginny Figlia)

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