The Pinky Letterbox  LbNA # 30374 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2007
LocationValley Stream, NY
Planted By3mcloughlin's    
Found By SW girlscouts
Last Found Oct 20 2007
Hike Distance?

Troop 1337 has planted 15 letterboxes in Valley Stream State Park. This is a beautiful park with walking and bike trails, playgrounds, picnic areas and ball fields.Take the Cross Island Parkway South. Get on the Southern State Pkwy. East. There is an exit for the Park. (Can only be reached Eastbound on the Southern State). Enter parking field


Locate the Meeting Point Bulletin Board (it’s near one of the parking lot entrances to the park).

From this bulletin board, head south southwest.

Pass the playground and continue to the water fountain.

From the water fountain, travel southwest to the next water fountain.

From second water fountain, continue southwest to “Inclined Body Curl” World Trail.

From there, go west southwest to “Push Up” World Trail.

From “Push Up” World Trail, go southwest to tree with birdhouse.

From that tree, head southwest through brush.

Search among the V shaped trees for the letterbox.