Plattekill Public Library  LbNA # 30178

OwnerRabbit's Relations    
Placed DateApr 19 2007
LocationModena, NY
Found By Arf!
Last Found May 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Plattekill Public Library is housed in the old Plattekill Elementary School. It began as a reading center in 1972, and became a public library in 2002. This is not your normal "shushing" library! Behind the building is a toddlers' playground, and numerous activities are scheduled year round. Enjoy your visit!
Hours: Mon 1-6
Tues 1-8
Wed 10-8
Thurs 10-8
Fri 1-6
Sat 10-3
Sun closed

Clue: TRAVEL to the Plattekill Public Library and learn about a destination where you can talk about the 917 ways to enjoy sunshine.

Good Luck!

(Clue written by Mary Antzak and Rabbit's Friends and Relations)

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