Lucky Duck ***MISSING***  LbNA # 30153 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 18 2007
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationKitchener, ONT
Planted Bythe Sehl gang    
Found By Gwynlais
Last Found Oct 27 2007
Hike Distance?

At the Forest Hill-Greenbrook intersection, there's a wood carver's outdoor workshop. Across the street is a stone monument. Follow the greenway, walking on the straight sidewalk to #20, Kitchener Water Treatment Plant.
(for a shorter walk, you can park here).
Follow the gravel path, past Lakeside pond on your right. "Practice Water Safety" and notice the duck population. Go through the metal arm preventing vehicles.
Straight ahead is a majestic tree with a beautiful root base. The backdrop is a row of spruce trees, which used to line the original farm property on this site. Continue on the path (passing a fire hydrant to the bench)to the first spruce of this row. Take 21 steps forward on the gravel path. To your right is a dirt path. Take 43 kid steps or 35 adult steps to an amazing 12-trunked tree (some branches striped of bark). Go 180 degrees around the tree. Take 17 steps to a waist-high double orange post. To the left of this is a huge tree, cracked at shoulder-height, & fallen to the right. At the base of the remaining stump is a heap of bark protecting what you seek.