Ninja box  LbNA # 30146

OwnerWeb Kitten    
Placed DateApr 15 2007
CountyOther International
LocationIga Ueno, Japan, INT
Found By Web Kitten
Last Found Apr 0 2007
Hike Distance?

August 2008 UPDATE:
Unfortunately, the moat around the castle changes levels a lot and you probably won't be able to reach the box!
I will be attempting to rescue and relocate the box as soon as I can. Sorry!
(Until then, why not try another one in the area called "Akame" at the waterfalls?)

Arrive at Ueno-shi Station on the Iga Tetsudo Line (no longer the Kintetsu line) in Iga-Ueno (INFO) in western Mie prefecture.

Ueno Castle is located in Ueno Park, a 5-10 minute walk north of Ueno-shi Station.

Make your way to Ueno Castle.
Once in front of the castle stairs, go around to the right and take in the beauty at the edge of the wall. Look down and you will see the moat, and it's the shore to the right. This is where the letterbox is.

To get there:
If you keep going right, there will be stone steps going down and to the left with trees on both sides. There are 45 steps.

Thre is a sign post for "High Stone Wall of Ueno Castle" that points to the left. Follow it. You will very quickly see a big circular path. Take the path on the left.

This is where you need your ninja skillz! On your left you will soon see a stump. By it is a very steep path made of tree roots, go down it (you are basically making a U turn from the path you were just on).

At the bottom you will see a big concrete block thing. Go left, following the edge of the moat (Watch out for mud!!) towards the stonewall's edge- about 22 paces.

Looking at the wall, from moat level count 4 stone levels up. Right above eye level is a hole almost the size of a mail box (about elbow deep). You must walk up a small incline to get it.

Use your ninja skillz and make sure no one is watching you!
Lemme know if you get it since letterboxes are basically non-existant in Japan!

While visiting the castle, make sure you check out the Iga NINJA MUSEUM! (The museum is much more interesting than inside the castle if you want to save some money). There is also a Haiku Museum nearby. Make sure to check your last train times of the day too!