Mossy Cave  LbNA # 30038 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 3 2007
LocationRuby's Inn, UT
Planted ByKoritzke family    
Found By Digger Feeney
Last Found Jun 17 2007
Hike Distance?

[[Several people found this up through the end of July 2007, but I've since had two reports that it's missing. Look around! Maybe it's been moved.]]

Just outside of Bryce National Park, this box is located in a cave that is a short stroll from the highway.

After enjoying a lovely day visiting Bryce, head back up highway 63 to highway 12 and turn right. Go 3.5 miles and park on the right (you can't miss the sign for the Mossy Cave). Walk up the path and take the left fork toward the Cave. Facing the sign at the mouth of the cave, point at 1:00 and notice the small holes in the rockface. The box is in one of these holes, behind a few rocks.

As you head back toward the car, take the right fork and check out the mini-waterfall.

Let us know how the box is!