Ediz Hook  LbNA # 29692 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 1 2006
LocationPort Angeles, WA
Planted ByGreen Guillemot    
Found By Logues
Last Found Jul 19 2007
Hike Distance?

Ediz Hook is a unique and wonderful place to visit. If you drop by between September and April, definitely bring your binoculars. It is one of the best places to see Harlequin Ducks (see photo) up close and personal. Check the calm, protected waters inside the Hook, especially along the western half. You can also find many other sea ducks, alcids, loons, grebes, and cormorants. Check the floating logs for seals. The southern edge of the Hook is easier for wildlife viewing, and many birds congregate here. You can also check the ocean side for Marbled Murrelets and Long-tailed Ducks. Be warned that the Hook can be chilly and breezy during these months, so bring a warm coat, hat, and gloves.

The summer season (May through early August) tends to have fewer birds, but you can often still find a Harlequin or two lounging around. Also, the weather tends to be much warmer, and the views of the Olympic Mountains and the Strait are fantastic.

Traveling west on Hwy 101 approaching Port Angeles, you will find yourself on Front Street. When 101 turns left, go straight ahead and stay on Front St. Past the downtown area, Front veers left and becomes Marine Dr. In another mile or so, you will want to turn right onto the Hook. It looks like you are going to drive right through the Nippon paper factory (and so you will), but that’s okay. Just past the factory, you can either park along the road and walk, or drive slowly and sight-see from your car. Watch for bikes and pedestrians. It’s about 1.2 miles or so from the factory to the parking lot at the tip of the public access area (the very end of the Hook is a Coast Guard Station, closed to the public).

If you need a snack or a warm drink on your way out, check out the Olympic Bagel Company on Hwy 101 heading east out of town (802 E. First St, near Francis St.) or The Buzz in Sequim (15 miles east, on Sequim Ave just north of Washington St.).

If you have more time to spend, check out Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, Salt Creek Recreation Area, or Dungeness NWR. There are also many other great boxes within a 30-60 minute drive.

Find the monument honoring Bert Thomas and his amazing 1955 achievement near the eastern end of the Hook. From this point, walk west along the north side of the Hook a little ways until you see a very short, rusted metal retaining wall on your right. Turn around, and walk four steps back east. On your left at the base of the rock wall is the box, covered by a trio of large, smooth stones. Please be discreet and re-hide this box carefully, as this can be a very busy place. I couldn’t decide on which stamp to use, so I included both of them!

Drop me a line if you find this box. Thanks!

The Green Guillemot