Pocahontas  LbNA # 2909

Placed DateFeb 11 2002
LocationRichmond, VA
Planted ByLadybug (Kathy)    
Found By Onediful
Last Found Jan 1 2011
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Ladybug's Letterboxes

Pocahontas Start Park (5)
Chesterfield County

Just south of Richmond, and north of Petersburg, Pocahontas State Park is located in Chesterfield, Virginia on State Rt. 655 (Beach Road).

A Park named for an Indian Queen...to hide two boxes is where I've been. On a crisp fall day, when the Rams prevail....These stamps you'll find on The Beaver Lake Trail.

To reach the Beaver Lake Trail, go straight after entering the park, and turn left into the Visitor Center parking lot. The trail is a 3-mile loop with a few minor hills. Very kid and pet friendly. The Beaver Lake Trail leaves the Visitor Center combined with the Ground Pine Nature Trail. After descending west along the lakeshore for 1/4 mile, the Ground Pine path goes right and the Beaver Lake Trail continues with the lakeshore. A short paved section begins at a signpost to Spillway Trail. Follow that and the Spillway will be on your left. Across the bridge, the Beaver Lake Trail bears sharp right to the first overlook. Bear another left uphill. At about 1 1/2 miles, the trail reaches the site of an old gristmill.

Box #1

At the old mill site, before you cross the stream, locate a pair of trees whose trunks are carved. Pass them by and follow the stream to the right to a tree trunk that says "I Love Greg." Find the thin tree growing our to a thick tree and from that point, scramble up the hill to find a flat boulder nestled between a trio of trees. The base of the boulder behind you to the right is where Box #1 will be found. Stamp in and rehide carefully with leaves and branches to keep box from view.

Return to the trail and soon you will cross a wooden boardwalk.

Box #2

On the boardwalk, When you have just 47 boards to the end, leave the bridge to the left and find the tree with the hole in it facing the stream. Hidden in that hole you'll find Box #2.

Box #3 Chief Powhatan/Princess Pocahontas
Box #4 Captain John Smith
placed 11 Feb 2001

Follow the main Park Road, passing the Heritage Center and Civilian
Conservation Corps Museum on the left, to the entrance of the main parking lot. At the entrance, across from the water tower, is a sign leading to the Powhatan Trail. This short walk along the edge of the woods doubles you back down the main Park Road across Swift Creek to the trailhead sign. Stay left on Loop B. At the three-way intersection, sit for a moment and notice the arrow pointing the way to the Campground. Walk into the woods in the direction of that arrow, stepping over a tangle of trunks and limbs, continuing to a tall pine. Lying across the front of the tall pine is a long fallen pine. Where the long meets the tall, you'll find Chief Powhatan and Princess Pocahontas.

Just 26 paces from this spot, not north or south or west....but, if you head the other way, you'll find John Smith at rest.

Note: Although these boxes are well off the trail, their resting spots needed lots of cover to keep them from view. They are well hidden under bark and leaves. Please rehide them well.

Box #5 Captain John Smith's Treasure

Date Placed: 9/10/2002
By: Itchy Butt Girls

After finding Captain John Smith's resting place;
Go back to the trail and your steps retrace.
Look to the left and look to the right,
And soon there will be an X in your sight!
Look under the X and you will see
Captain Smith's treasure to you from me!