Heart Rock Mystery Box - Endangered Species #2  LbNA # 28950 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSneaky Armadillo    
Placed DateFeb 18 2007
Location???, CA
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This letterbox can be found in a beautiful California desert named for a tree that cannot survive without the help of a tiny moth. It is a special place where the Mojave and the Sonoran Deserts merge, and where Captain White built a couple reservoirs to water his cattle long ago. Not far from the campground and seen from the trail that takes you to an arch, is a large heart shaped rock, well off the beaten path.

Find the trail marker titled “Dikes” for your starting position. Face directly North East, find the enormous boulders in the far distance covered with reddish desert varnish. Look to the east (right) of these and find the boulder covered with pockmarks like the surface of the moon. Count 3 boulders to the left - look closely at the third boulder and you will just be able to make out the shape of a heart. The heart rock is perfectly shaped, standing on its point. That is your destination. How you get there is up to you. Find a sandy wash to wander up, scramble over the fantastic rock formations, just head in the general direction until you get to it. The closer you get, the more obvious the heart shape is. Be discreet- it is not on a regular hiking trail.

Standing in front of the heart rock, facing the campground, look to the left near the point of the heart and notice a small pile of rocks. Carefully turn them over with a stick, you will find the letterbox buried beneath. Enjoy the solitud and the quiet. And don't be seen.

The subject of my stamp is the endangered Desert Tortoise, a regular inhabitant of this area.