Octopus's Garden Series  LbNA # 28911 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 23 2007
LocationMercer Island, WA
Planted ByChar Char    
Found By Lovebugs
Last Found Sep 1 2007
Hike Distance?

Start at Clark Beach on Mercer Island.

WAIT! Read the following important update:
Just to let all you fellow letterboxers out there know, the third box in this series is missing! Bummer, eh? The log that it was hidden in was demolished, and I assume the log-cutter-uppers accidentally took the precious letterbox with them. So, now you know it's just not hidden very carefully among the decaying remains of the log. We must content ourselves with the other two. Speaking of which, the first one might be a bit overgrown with blackberries...
So, with that in mind, dress carefully, and enjoy the other two boxes!

take a right into parking lot and enter trail at far right end. (near two wooden posts joined by a chain...don't trip!!) Follow the paved path until you reach a slender wooden post to your left about halfway through the curve.
*note* for each new letterbox in the series the directions will start from this post...

Number One:
Continue down the path as it twists and turns. stop once there is a dock in front of you and a gravel path to your right. Take it. Follow the path to another dock. stop here and look at the fish... I love fish, don't you? Place back towards the lake so that you are facing the trash can. At the "ten o'clock" position, a small foot path will present itself. this is the trail that you need to take. At a fork by a fallen tree, take the left trail down a small, steep slope. A large broken tree will be in the water with a chain link fence ahead of you... turn right. Sidestep once or twice until you are parallel with the "ladder tree." Go uphil (off the path) towards an old tree with its roots partially above ground. Climb around the tree so that you are facing the lake.
The letter box is in the rotted-out section at the base.

*return to the post*
*paces are based on a 5'5" swimmer.

Number Two
Put the lake behind you with the post to your right.
Walk forwards appr. ten paces. Take a right onto another small single file foot path.
Arrive at a grassy clearing with picnic tables. Cross the clearing and go to the water fountain near the pavement. Walk downhill (following the pavement) about 25 paces.
Stop and hook a sharp right onto a hardly noticable, slightly rocky trail.
Follow down into a tangle of tree branches- apprx another 25 paces from the mouth of the trail.
There will be a stump to your right, stripped of all its bark. To get to the stump requires some imagination. Once there, look in and under... find it if you dare...

back to post...

This is the missing one, but I'm keeping the directions up here in case it miraculously turns up, which is HIGHLY unlikely, I am sad to say.
Number Three:
Face the lake, directly to your left there is a path- you can't miss it...
Take the path and continue down it. Cross a bridge.
Go down the three stairs. you are back to another paved pathway. Hang a left and follow the path past the bathrooms.
Take the left fork in the path. From there it is 41 paces uphill (37 if you have longer legs)
On your left there will be an ivy-covered mound. in the middle of the mound should be some loose bark... good luck finding it. Dig around to find your treasure...