History of Pembroke  LbNA # 28694

Placed DateFeb 8 2007
LocationPembroke, NH
Planted ByThe Mad Stamper    
Found By uneksia
Last Found Sep 26 2015
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Last EditedSep 26 2015

History of Pembroke is up and running!

Finding the history of a small town can be a difficult task requiring much research and investigation. Fortunately, the history of Pembroke is contained neatly in a small white box. To obtain the history of Pembroke, you simply need to find this small box.

Boxes are great for holding all sorts of things, but they don't hold up well to the weather. So you will need to limit your search to indoor spaces. In fact, the box you are looking for is sitting by itself on a bookcase in the corner of an interesting room. While the history of Pembroke isn't noted by revolutionary battles, a rifle will help you find it. When you come across this rifle, its barrel will be pointing toward the history of Pembroke.

So where is this room with a rifle and the history of Pembroke? It's in the same place you would go if you had to do the research yourself. Many things are learned in this building, by both the young and the old. Many pages are turned here, and you can even discover the history of Pembroke if you know where to look.