Placed DateJan 21 2007
LocationPeninsula, OH
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Manatoc Camp is a Boy Scout/cub scout camp. You must be a scout to go there, or get special permission by calling Phone: 330-657-2592
In 1923 Camp Manatoc was established through the generosity of H. Karl Butler, who offered the use of a large tract of land on his farm near Peninsula, Ohio.

Address: 1065 Truxell Rd. Peninsula, OH 44264

THis letterbox is hidden along the BLUE trail. This trail is a difficult trail with lots of steep hills and narrow paths. After you finish the blue trail (or any of the other colored trails) be sure to go to the trading post and for .75 cents you can purchase a sticker for your walking stick!

-Start out at the "COLORED TRAILS START HERE" sign across from Forester Cabin. Head towards Forester Cabin. Notice the blue triangle marker on the left. Those point the way for the blue trail. If you stop seeing those, you went the wrong way.
-you will pass Deer Hollow and go through a village of cabins.
-bwtween D.B. 2 and 3 follow trail DOWN hill past robinhood.
-Stay out of the water! Dont slip!
-GO left at bottom of hill and follow lakes edge.
-Go up huge hill! Sit down take a breather! Letterbox is hidden here in a stump at 290degrees
n41 Degree 13.716/ w o81degrees 31.979

Thank you to WEE WALKERS who helped show Cub Scout Pack 289's WEBELOs I how to hide these boxes!
For more information on us go to