Shelton Lakes Happy Feet  LbNA # 28386

OwnerCadbury & Dan    
Placed DateJan 21 2007
Locationshelton, CT
Found By Sassy Sydlan
Last Found Aug 6 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedFeb 13 2017

February 2017- 3 are missing and will be replaced once the snow is gone. We are also in the process of updating the trail colors and clues below.

This is a six box set on the Shelton Lakes Trails here is the website for a map.

This is a shorter hike, probably an hour or so, taking you a little bit more than a mile, close to a mile and a half.

Start at the Nells Rock Trail parking lot. From the lot, head left towards a ribbed cement cylinder, and take the White Trail heading from there. Continue until you cross a small stream bed, with a rock wall crumbling ahead and on the left side of the trail. Go to the where the trail meets the wall, and take three paces down the wall to the left. Look in the wall to find "Benji's Box". Stamp, Conceal, Continue!

Keep walking down the White Trail. White winds over two stone walls prior to hitting an intersection with the Orange Trail. Bear right at this intersection. Go about 100yards, up a small small incline, taking the second trail White/Yellow Trail on your left. Continue down White/Yellow until you come across an old tree broken off about 20ft up, that had fallen across the trail. Thanks to those with saws who cleared the trail for us! Stand in the cut made through the fallen trunk, and take 15 steps to the 2nd large boulder buried in the trail. Stop and look left. Do you see that tree about ten paces in that has roots straddling a large underground boulder? Look behind it for the "Hi-Ho Silver" Box. Stamp, Conceal, Continue!

Continue down the White/Yellow Trail until you hit the power lines. The White/Yellow Trail bears off to the left just after the tower, follow this. About 100 yards in, the yellow trail bears off to the right, stay on WHITE. About 50 yards past the yellow trail turnoff, White bears to the left and up a hill, and under one of the power towers.As you walk under the tower, look ahead and to the left of the trail for the tree with two white markings on it. See that rock formation behind it? Look about waist high and you will find the "Duck Tales" box. Stamp, Conceal, Continue!

Continue down white, bearing to the left at the next junction. Continue on white until you are facing a LARGE rock formation. Look for the "Y" shaped tree with a white trail marking on it. Stand in front of this tree, and look at the rock formation. Look for where some fallen rocks have left an arrow shape in the rock face, pointing left. Under this arrow, you will see a tree coming out of the rocks. Under this boulder you will find the "Lend a Hand" box. Stamp, conceal, continue!

Continue on the White Trail, and at your next intersection, make a left onto the White/Orange Trail. Shortly, orange and white will split up, with orange heading off to the left, but you want to stay right on the White Trail. Continue on White, running along a stone wall, until you see the left hand turn arrow to cross the stone wall. This arrow points t o the next box! The arrow points across the trail and up a small hill. Look for a pile of rocks about 15 paces up the hill from the trail, and this is where you will find "Jerry's Tracks" Stamp, Conceal, Continue!

Keep going down the White Trail, and you will come to an intersection. Look familiar? Go straight onto Orange/White, but then bear to the RIGHT on White instead of going left on White/Yellow again. Head down this trail until you can see (or sense) the parking lot about 100yards down the lane. Look for a large two-sister tree, underneath a large boulder guarded by these sisters lies "Kermit Krossing", the last box of this series. Stamp, Conceal, and continue!

You car is but a hop, skip, gallop, waddle, or jump down the lane from here. We hope you enjoyed the clues and the hike.