Animal Parade  LbNA # 28327

Placed DateJan 15 2007
LocationRingwood, NJ
Planted Byfrog pond    
Found By chicken little!
Last Found Jun 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Time to Box: 20 mins

1.Start at the main parking lot behind the booth at the gate of the NJ State Botanical Garden.
2. Walk past the Gate House to the Carriage House. Glance at the Skylands Manor on the right.
3) Proceed to the annual garden. Throw a coin in the fountain.
4) Walk past the Buddha and bow as you enter the Perennial Garden. Namaste.
5)To the left of the Perennial Garden, along the woods, proceed to the Rhododendrum Garden. Enter the gate if you dare!
5) Follow the grassy trail to the back of the perennial garden. You'll see 3 gates. Take the one in the middle; it's a double metal gate (each gate is about 3 ft wide). Hint: It's nearest the stream!
6) Go through the gate and follow the stream to Frog Pond.
7) Proceed until you get to the wooden bench and stone bench. Sit down and rest! You're almost there!
8) Follow the trail 13 paces from the stone bench to the left around Frog Pond to the first hollowed out log on the left at the water's edge. The stone bench will be on your right.
9) The box is in the hollow log! At the mouth of the log, you should find 2 rocks.