Simple Gifts: Music Box #10  LbNA # 28247

Placed DateJan 11 2007
Location???, TX
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“Simple Gifts,” from Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland: Music Box #10

Appalachian Spring, a ballet score by Aaron Copland that premiered in October 1944, achieved widespread popularity as an orchestral suite, winning the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1945. The ballet, created at the request of choreographer and dancer Martha Graham, tells the story of a spring celebration of the American pioneers of the 1800s after building a new Pennsylvania farmhouse. Among the central characters are a newlywed couple, a neighbor, a revivalist preacher and his followers. The seventh section is a set of five variations on the Shaker melody Simple Gifts (1848), and is the most recognizable section from the ballet: “Calm and flowing: Scenes of daily activity for the bride and her farmer husband.” The theme, sung by a solo clarinet, was taken from a collection of Shaker melodies compiled by Edward D. Andrews, and published under the title "The Gift to Be Simple." The melody most borrowed and used almost literally, is called "Simple Gifts."

Aaron Copland, 1900-1990, was an American composer of concert and film music, widely known as “the dean of American composers.” He incorporated American folk styles into a jazz idiom, weaving cowboy ballads and revival hymns into a distinctly American modern music form. His percussive style and open, slowly changing harmonies evoke the vast American landscape. Among his better-known works are Billy the Kid, Fanfare for the Common Man, A Lincoln Portrait, Rodeo, and, of course, Appalachian Spring. Music to listen to while finding this letterbox would be, of course,“Simple Gifts” from Appalachian Spring.

Solve the following puzzle for the Simple Clues to find the Simple Gifts letterbox:
20 9 26 11 22 5 18 13 22
19 18 8 7 12 9 18 24 13 26 8 19 21 26 9 14
24 22 14 22 7 22 9 2
13 22 24 12 9 13 22 9 9 12 24 16
(Don't miss the second stamp in this box: Boots)

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