Wings  LbNA # 28139

Placed DateJan 7 2007
Location???, RI
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 26 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 3 2015

once upon a time in the South part of a small village, the Kings men rode into the tiny Town Past a young man named Kenyon. the young man was working at the village Grist Mill grinding the corn for the villagers’ supper. he dropped what he was doing and followed the kings men for .3 Mile. there they Left the road and started Up The Blue Trail. suddenly the kings men STOPped At A Waist High Stone Wall and looked Left Down a Side Trail. there kenyon and the kings men saw a glorious sight. Twenty Steps from where they stood was a magnificent Winged Angel Next To the Wall. the angel smiled at them then slowly faded away. when kenyon and the kings men realized she was gone, they headed back down the trail with the image of that beautiful angel etched in their minds.