Soccer Rules!  LbNA # 28132

Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationTyler, TX
Planted ByJKC    
Found By barkaboutus
Last Found Jun 28 2009
Hike Distance?

* Stamp reported missing 3-09. Box is still intact. Will replace stamp momentarily. Thanks!

We love to watch the TJC Apaches Mens Soccer Team play on crisp fall nights at the Pat Hartley Field. There is no admission fee to see the game, but there is a concession stand in case you need a snack or drink while you are there. Our son has been playing soccer since he was 4 and he loves watching the skills these guys have. Check their schedule online if you want to catch a game in the fall. There is a paved walkway around the entire field area.

Directions to the box:
Orient yourself to the Tyler Junior College campus located on Fifth Street in Tyler. When you reach the stoplight where Palmer meets Fifth, turn north onto Palmer. Take the second turn to your right into the parking lot. The sign says 'Student Parking'. Drive back and park near the brick buildings. Walk between these two buildings (on your left will be the 'Pat Hartley Complex' building and on your right will be the concession stand and restrooms). Walk down the steps and follow the sidewalk toward the bleachers. The path goes behind the goal and will turn right and make a little jog. When you reach the metal bleachers, walk until you see the first set of higher bleachers. Just after this first set of high bleachers, you will see stone pavers laid in semi-circle fashion forming steps to the second level. Walk up these steps. Turn right down the path and walk approximately 11 steps. Turn with your back to the fields. There is a tall tree in front of you (not the one behind the laid-stone arc shaped retaining wall). The box is behind this tree. After finding the box, you can continue on the walkway around the field back to the parking area if you choose, or you can go back the way you came.
As always, use discretion. It is potentially a very visable spot. We planted the box on a Saturday afternoon, and we didn't see anyone. If you happened by on a game night or a practice day, it might be quite difficult to get to the box sneakily. Please reseal and rehide well.
Let us know of condition etc.