Fallen archway  LbNA # 28058 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 2 2006
LocationAlbany, NY
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Start from the mapel hill parking lot(1216 Mapel Hill road, Castleton on Hudson 12033). Go to the back of the tennis courts. Follow the trail until you reach a forked point in the trail. Take a right and follow the trail out to the observetory (looks like a tan shed). Walk a straight line following the tree line across the baseball field. When you reach the other side of the clearing go down the trail. Walk until you reach the brigde, walk across and follow the left bank of the stream walk until you reach the site of the "fallen archway" and there will be two holes in the right and left banks of the stream cross the stream to the right bank and move the logs and leaves in that hole. Happy Hunting