Coyote Lookout - Mission Trails Regional Park  LbNA # 27965 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 1 2007
CountySan Diego
LocationSan Diego, CA
Found By Mama Pomme
Last Found Nov 23 2007
Hike Distance?

This hike is not very long...but uphill (steep in places). It is a fun challenge...but do-able. My motivated 3 and 5 year olds managed with some hands to hold and frequent water breaks. The view at the top is worth the work!

Go to the main entrance of Mission Trails Regional Park (the entrance by the visitor center off Mission Gorge road.) Drive or walk along the main road through the park until you get to the small, brown "1 1/4 mile to the Old Mission Dam" marker. (on left side of road) Just after this marker is the trail head for the Rock Climbers Loop trail. You will be climbing to the base of the tall rocks above your head.

Climb up the switchbacks till you are nearly at the giant rocks at the top of the hill (about 1/2 mile). When you are almost to the rocks, the trail forks. To the left, the trail leads directly to the rocks. To the right, the trail follows parallel to the rock face. In the "Y" of the fork, you will see a big pile of tumbled rocks. Taking just a few steps down the right fork trail, look behind the largest rock. On the back side, near the base of the largest rock, is a triangular gap. Covering that gap are three smaller rocks piled on top of each other. The letterbox is inside the crevise behind the rocks.

When you return the box, please replace the rocks carefully and, if box is still visible inside, stuff the holes with of the dry vegetation on the ground. Thanks! And enjoy the view!...You can either complete the Climbers Loop by following the right fork across the face of the rocks and down to the road...or you can just go back down the way you came. Let me know if you found it! Peace to you...we had a wonderful time planting this box as a family on New Year's Day!