The New York Easter Egg  LbNA # 27913 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 30 2006
Location???, NY
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 26 2007
Hike Distance?

**NOTE This letterbox will not be available until the 2nd of January in 2007, and is only active until December 31st 2007**

I have been toying with the idea of a letterbox hunt that includes an email address and a fair amount of research rather than compass headings and hollowed out tree stumps.

My partner, Double Deuce, and I enjoy the research, planning, drawing maps and solving puzzles that goes into letterboxing. We really enjoy getting out of the house too! This hunt will not take you out to a beautiful park, a bookstore, or a roadside attraction.

Finding this box begins with finding a last major project designed by the same architect who designed LaGuardia Airport. There is one feature of this project that is the most striking part of the skyline, yet it's name doesn't quite jive with it's shape.

You must enter the concourse beneath this feature. You don't have to enter from the feature itself as there are many entrances.

Find the water fountain closest to the intersection of the main concourse and the hall that leads to the point of interest. This is a good time to "get a drink". While you quench your thirst, feel under the front for a magnetic business card stuck to the underside. There is a singe word written on this card in blue permanent marker. Memorize this word. Return the magnet as furtively as possible.

Take some time to check out what's going on, look at the art, read a paper, people watch and maybe even check out the museum at the south end of the concourse.

When you get home, write a quick email to the word on the

Don't write much, as you'll receive a vacation auto-reply soon. The email will be a lengthy bit of HTML code. Don't worry, all you have to do is cut and paste the body of this email to any text editor and save it as eastereggNY.htm

Open the eastereggNY.htm file by double clicking it. You will see a bit of ASCII art appear before your eyes! Print this, cut it out and paste the image in your stamp book. You may photocopy and resize it, or resize it using the printing options to the best fit.

I hope you've had fun, you've just found The New York Easter


Q: How do I get the image to print? It appears on paper as a huge block of garbled text.

A: Select Print from the File menu. Click Page Setup. Check the box marked Print Background (colors & images). Print the page.

Q: The image fills the whole page, how do I print it smaller?

A: I have found that resizing the image to %25 makes it about 2"x3" and fits nicely in a stamp book.

Q: I STILL can't get the image to appear! I'm saving it as a text file but all I get is a bunch of random letters.

A: The code is intended to be viewed in a web browser, like Firefox or IE. If you save it as albanyeggNY.HTM it will open in a web browser when you double click it. It will appear as a clear image in a web browser and only in a web browser. Think of it as learning a little about HTML.