Welcome to Tiffin  LbNA # 27909 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 28 2006
LocationTiffin, OH
Found By leyne
Last Found May 9 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy

Background: Tiffin is your typical midwest small town and Hedges Boyer Park is the city's main recreational area; on my most recent trip, we found they had added a frisbee golf course. The people go out of their way to be nice and the paths are well lit and maintained so please feel comforatble exploring the park.

Directions: These were the easiest directions that I found to Hedges Boyer Park; the directions to the letterbox are based on you arriving thru the front of the park. Here are the directions: From Rt. 224, take Rt. 100 North for 1.4 miles to Spayth. Turn right, go .2 miles to CR 36 (Coe Road), turn left. Go .2 miles to right into park.

Clues: Upon entering the park you'll see a small amplitheater to your right and two tennis courts. After the second tennis court, pull into the parking lot to your right which will be just before the basketball court. Get out of your car and head on the paved path heading away from the road. After walking on the path a few minutes, another path will head down into the valley, you'll be able to see a BMX course and a baseball field. Take this path. Behind the BMX course you'll see a little path that heads back into the woods. Take this path and when you come to the first large tree (Oak or Ash?) stand with your back to it facing the stream and turn to your left. Notice the smaller path that leads back to the path? Take fifeteen steps on this smaller path, stop and stand with your back to the stream. See the tree with the hollowed out center. It should be about ten paces ahead of you but you may need to walk around a little to get to it. Inside this tree is what you seek.

Hope you enjoy.