Holy Guacamole!  LbNA # 27817

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateDec 22 2006
Location???, NM
Found By???
Last UpdateJun 11 2007

2004 – The image of Jesus appears on a fish stick in Ontario.

2004 – Woman sells a grilled cheese sandwich bearing the likeness of the Virgin Mary on ebay for a whopping $28,000.

1996 – The face of Mother Teresa was seen in a cinnamon bun at a coffee shop in Tennessee. It became affectionately known as the Nun Bun. The Nun Bun was stolen during a break-in, and afterwards, photos of the Nun Bun in captivity were sent to the local newspaper by “Hu Dunet.”

1991 – Joyce Simpson spots the face of Christ in the strands of spaghetti hanging from a fork on a Pizza Hut billboard in Atlanta. Others reported seeing Jim Morrison and Willie Nelson in the image.

1987 – A 4’ high image of Jesus is seen on the rusting chimney of a suburban bowling alley. Some, however, say it looks like Popeye.

1977 – It all starts here when a woman in New Mexico sees the face of Jesus on the burn marks on a flour tortilla.

Clues: From the shrine, proceed east down the street to an interesting historical marker in the shape of an obelisk. With your back to “Malaga 64,” continue down the street for a few blocks, crossing the railroad tracks, until you come to a major intersection. An interesting old stone building sits on the far corner. Look around back, at the NW corner of the building, under a piece of concrete. Please be discreet and re-hide well!

Please feel free to contact me confirming the location of this box before you begin your pilgrimage!