Holidays Letterbox  LbNA # 27653

Placed DateDec 10 2006
LocationPortage, MI
Found By 4eyesmcgee
Last Found Sep 29 2012
Hike Distance?

***This stamp will be available for a limited time only--the box will remain but the stamp will change with the holidays throughout the year*** THIS BOX HAS BEEN CHANGED TO HALLOWEEN 9/5/10

Clues: Start at the Portage District Library. Find the trail whose name sounds like it should be an apartment for vegetables. As you head down the trail note the number of posts on the East side of the trail--be sure to count them all!!

You'll have to interrupt your post counting as you pass above DPS. Look for a series of "C" numbers above vehicle portals. Note the number of even numbered portals. Then continue on your way counting the posts.

Find the marker that bears the same number as even numbered portals and walk north down the trail one step for each post you counted. From here you should be at the end of the blue. Go into the woods @ 345 degrees about 40 paces until you reach a rusty contraption. Next to this old wheel is a large tree-on the other side of the tree is a fallen log-look under the log towards the middle for the letterbox.

Please let us know if find our