Crow Roost  LbNA # 27584 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 3 2006
LocationSeattle, WA
Planted ByGreen Guillemot    
Found By Mike and Elaine
Last Found Dec 10 2006
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The American Crow is one of the ubiquitous city birds of Seattle. Crows pair off to raise their chicks in the breeding season (late spring and summer), but during the fall and winter they form giant communal night roosts. During the day, the crows disperse to parks, lawns, streets, and playgrounds. But as the sun begins to go down, the crows begin to congregate in groups of a dozen, then several dozen, then hundreds. They begin to fly towards their night roost where thousands, or even tens of thousands of crows gather together to spend the night. The communal roosts provide a measure of safety and security for the flock. Well known crow roosts in the Seattle Metro area include Kenmore, Renton, Foster Island, and just east of Snohomish.


Park at either the WPA or the Montlake Fill.

There is a wooden observation tower (27):

Northern Point 42
Lake WA Blvd Exit Sign 177
Montlake Blvd Exit Sign 240
Montlake Cut 273
Husky Stadium 304
Union Bay Natural Area 352

Descend from the tower.
Over zig-zags.
Bench on left, sit on left side, reach down and to the left.

At the base of the multi-trunked tree, up against the wooden beam is a little miniature crow roost. This is a very exposed spot, so please be very discreet and cover it back up thoroughly with leaves, dirt, and bark.

The Green Guillemot