Morning Star  LbNA # 27560

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateNov 28 2006
CountyOther International
LocationNaples, Italy, INT
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Venus is often called Morning Star. The planet is named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love, and most of its surface features are named after famous and mythological women. The planet’s surface has been mapped in detail only in the last 20 years or so. It shows evidence of extensive volcanism, and some of its volcanoes may still be active today. The quilt block of this name was undoubtedly named for the planet Venus.
For all of these reasons, I thought it was appropriate to place my Morning Star Letterbox in Italy, inside the rim of a volcano, called Monte Nuevo, which last erupted in 1538. If you’d like to know more about this extinct volcano, see Flash Dreamer’s letterbox “On the Rim”.


While driving on the SS7 Quarter coming from Lago Patria, take the exit called “Quarto Monterusciello nord”. Take the first left which has a blue sign labeled “Quarto”. Take the first right which has a blue sign labeled “Monterusciello nord”. This will take you over a bridge, and dead ends into a road, take this road to the right. Immediately go to the left lane and take the first left. From this turn you will notice brown signs labeled “Carney Park” that point in the directions you should be going. After this turn, take your first right. Go through the long tunnel (turn on your lights). About half a mile past the tunnel, take your first right, again following the signs to Carney Park. This road starts taking you up the side of the crater. You’ll come upon a section of the road which is one-way. Be cautious for cars coming from the other direction and follow the road to the left. After you pass the one-way section, park your car on the left on the side of the road.

To the Box:

You will notice a large brown sign that says Admiral Robert B. Carney Park sitting in the Y of the road where you just parked. Walk up the road to the right of this sign. You’ll come upon a paved one-way road with a white barrier across it. There is a sign on the barrier that says limited access (Vietato L’Accesso) but you may walk around it. We’ve asked the park managers and this is the public access to the trail around the rim and you are allowed to walk up this road. Follow this steep road up a ways and look for a cross carved into a rock on your right, a couple of feet above the ground. Next to this rock is a large flat stone, guarded by two sentinels. Facing the stone, salute the guardians. Morning Star is in a crevice to the right of the stone, between the cross and the guardians, about 3 to 4 feet above the ground. Be sure to look for One the Rim while you are here.