Bush box #4  LbNA # 27313 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 21 2006
Locationegg harbor city, NJ
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Hike Distance?

go 220 true from the BM 52on elwood weymouth road on newtonville quad,then go 293 true from the BM 44 along same road.this is yer island (terraserver will help you locate these islands)once there go to south end of this really small island and go downstream with berm on your left and creek on right.theirs an 18 inch diameter cedar growing from berm.box is in duff on treesfar side from creek(downhill side)old feed sacks on island.the sanest way here will have you walking past a deerstand that has a corn bait pile in front of it with fresh hunter tracks.maybe best to hit this one on sunday,make sure no one parked along road.you will have to crawl and fight cellulose hell to get this one if yer too proud to crawl.

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