The Lost Equation  LbNA # 27246

Placed DateNov 18 2006
LocationWernersville, PA
Planted ByTeam Midsar    
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The Lost Equation

(What you need: Map of Blue Marsh trails, MIDSAR pager codes (, compass, pen or pencil, paper (a clip board is handy), GPS and most important, your brains)

Options: your letterboxing stamp and letterboxing stamp book.

Fill in the clues when you find them to find the lost equation

4th____________= 1st____________5th____________3rd____________

Start at waypoint N40 22 790 W076 03 708. Standing at the Northern point of parking lot take path @ (Chester County) minus 100 (use pager code sheet). Now you have the degrees of your heading (following path).

At path crossroads divide (Randy) by 10 and add (Chief Call) to this number. This is the direction you need to follow.

At a clearing just past the old dead stump look for the pine tree closest to the center of the field, this is your first clue. (don’t eat the red berries).

Remember to listen for the train. Go back to the trail and continue the same direction. Find KOPPERS FL93. Your second clue is located close. Look around. You will need this information for your next clue.

(Caution, the shortest distance is not always the best route). Continue past the old foundation.
When you find the third clue go back to trail and continue in same direction. Don’t go in the water, take the trail at 245 degrees, and continue past 9.

When you find the 4th clue go back to the trail and continue the same direction until you come to an intersection. Take the direction of the last clue letter. Cross over pipe with running H2O. Go to pile of cement blocks. Go 132 degrees for 34 paces. This is your 5th clue.

Go back to the trail and continue same direction. Find 46876. With the clue’s you have gathered figure out the proper equation. Remember its all relative.

With the equation in proper format, assign a value to each letter after the equal sign. Start with A=1, each letter value increases by 1, Z=26. ADD these two numbers together. Use the unused symbol to find the final degrees. You will find the lost equation at (Berks County) minus 80 paces.

Return to trail and continue same direction, your destination is just ahead.

Blaze Orange is highly recommended during Hunting Season.