Letterboxing at Simpsonville City Park  LbNA # 27205 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2006
LocationSimpsonville, SC
Planted Bygirlscoutold96    
Found By S3
Last Found Jan 5 2008
Hike Distance?

RIGHT NOW THESE BOXES ARE MISSING. Will let you know when they are back up.

#1 Playground of Life

Begin in the area where the children play
Slide down the spiral slide to be on your way

Leave between the two brick pillars
Stand between the two tables that are colorful like caterpillars

To the right you must swing on the swings
Till you feel like a soaring bird with wings

Move along the paved path towards the batting cages
Stop there and look for the next step on these pages

Look towards the West till you see a Frisbee golf hole
This spot should be your goal

Spin like a merry go round till you face 290W
Move forward and behind the large tree you end your quest

#2 Wildlife

The small picnic shelter is a nice place to eat
Also where small animals may meet

After youíve had a snack proceed to a storm drain
Where the water goes when it rains

Outside the dugout runs a pathway
This you must follow to continue your day

Keep on that way, go around the bend
You must reach the stands before the end

Find a tree close by that has something to disguise
Behind it you will find your prize

#3 Three Strikes and youíre Out

The stands behind the small field are a good place to cheer
Root root for the home teem of the year

Travel towards the field with an end zone
Make sure to go all the way to avoid being error prone

The rest rooms should be nigh
Keep going pass them by

Batting cages are perfect for hitting the ball about
Just remember three strikes and your out

Go to the stand where you can buy some peanuts and crackerjacks
You wonít care if you ever get back

There you will find what you have been searching
A box full of letters ready for printing

#4 Relax

Begin at the large picnic shelter
A place to relax away from all the clatter

Proceed to a wooden bench on the horizon
Definitely a good place for restín

Move along to a bench of the color red
Itís more comfortable than sitting in bed

Go past the stands that overlook the field
Donít stop to watch donít even yield

Go strait to the room where men and women can rest
Stop right there and take a break, freshen up till you feel your best

Off to the left is some lovely shade
Find the box behind a tree and youíll have it made

#5 Sports

Start at the courts where tennis is played
The game is still going donít be delayed

Pass the courts of basketball
To the colorful flowers by benches for all

Proceed to golf hole number nine and eighteen
Frisbees are thrown here night and day and in between

Move back in the direction you came
To the place where baseballís the game

Under the commentatorís stand the prize shall be found
Just visible there close to the ground

#6 Orienteering

Between the basketball and tennis courts is a good place to start
Youíll need a compass for this one or be really smart

Move ahead till you come to the end of the path
Strait ahead 180S you donít even need math

Stop when you come upon a tree
The number 17 golf hole 310W beyond your right knee

Walk in the direction of 250SW
Once you get to the bench youíll be able to rest

300W is a tree with some shade
With its many trunks it has it made

Almost strait North there will be a building
Along one side are some bushes in which you should be looking

#7 Save the Trees

Begin where the last clue ended
Move the big-knotted tree that is simply splendid

Go next to a tree off to the right
By a trash can totally insight

Next is a tree to the left of the building
Straight up and down not even tilting

With your back to the tree facing most of the park
Find the left most tree you can see and embark

Surrounded by trees is golf hole thirteen and four
From that position youíll be able to see more

One stop to go then youíll be done
A giant Magnolia hides the prize that youíve won