Wildflower Box #2--Early Blue Violet  LbNA # 27154

Placed DateNov 15 2006
LocationLittleton, CO
Planted ByThe Pug Posse    
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Jun 15 2012
Hike Distance?

This is the second box in the Wildflower series. (If you found the first box, I think you'll agree that my stamp-carving skill has improved with this stamp. :) Enjoy!)

Bike-friendly, kid friendly, dog friendly; about 1 mile round trip.


From Broadway, you'll have to turn west to find this box,
Turn onto a street that has something to do with rocks.

"Park" at a place that has a great view,
It provides inspiration for authors and baseball players, too.

If your kids play soccer you know this place well,
If not, then just think about the _______ Canal.

Head south on the gravel trail for a nice walk,
Keep your eyes pealed--you might even spot a hawk.

Pass "Mile Marker 7.0" and a bridge,
then pass all the places where people live.

Walk past a bench near where "Something Special" used to be,
Out across the lake you can see C-470.

Keep walking past another mile marker on the left,
go past the bench placed where you can rest.

Cross over the bridge, then take a quick left.
Find the letter "I" and you've passed the test!

Next to the "I" is a piece of bark,
Look underneath and you've found the mark.

This is a well-used path--please use discretion. There is a picnic table a little ways up the path after you cross the bridge that is a convenient place to stamp in.

Please rehide very well and email me at arognlie@msn.com if box is missing or damaged.