Oopsy Daisey  LbNA # 26923 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 28 2006
LocationConcan, TX
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Located in Garner State Park. Obtain trail map at park office. Begin at "Crystal Cave" Trailhead. Hike up to Crystal Cave. At the cave entrance there is a sign bolted to a tree. From this tree, continue up the trail past the cave approx. 20 steps. There will be a tree on your left that resembles a tornado. Turn to your right and look up the cliff approx. 10 ft. You will see three (3) trees growing out of the rocks in the shape of a triangle. These 3 trees are leaning slightly to the right. The box is behind these trees, covered with rock.

The cave is a busy tourist spot. Please be discreet and cover and rehide well.